I’m Matt Grey, a graphic designer based in the UK. Currently working at Alliants, I am also an entrepreneur and freelance designer.

I work with both digital and print, I am particularly passionate about editorial design, branding, type, and design within the areas of technology, music, art, fashion, software and applications,. I have a natural eye for composition and flair for artistic process, I strive to be the bridge where design meets technology. I love crafting my design work with fine detail and I believe in a form follows function ethos where applicable.


In late 2011 I started my own font foundry to sell some of this work, and currently have nearly 18 unique fonts in development that I plan to roll out when completed.

The web

I grew up with art, design and music as a passion, in a time where the internet was beginning to get more and more important and design-orientated. I became interested in how we use websites and applications and how I could improve the experiences a user has with them. I always strive to keep up with the latest technology as well as looking to predict what resources and services will thrive or fall out of use. When it comes to the web, I believe in design with experience in mind, helping the user to filter through an experience intuitively, and as simply as possible, this has sometimes involved producing elements such as sound design and interactive animation.

Get in touch if you think I could bring something to the table, I am always looking for different applications for my skills as a creative.