Mr. Scruff – Friendly Bacteria

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It’s been a 5 year wait for a new major release from quirky Mancunian nu-jazz artist Mr. Scruff‘s new album Friendly Bacteria. His previous albums have successfully used a very unique jazz vibe  based on sampling and manipulating old jazz songs into catchy and progressive tunes. This album marks more of a mature and serious tone not explored before with … Read More

MattMr. Scruff – Friendly Bacteria

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2014-04-17-02_41_06-Patatap is an audiovisual app which responds to the user’s keystrokes, much like a soundboard, but with animated feedback from a host of dynamic vector visuals. When pressing the spacebar it loads in another set to play with. I must say it’s highly addictive for playing about with and making beats, or just noise… Try it out below!