The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Revelation

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Prolific cult classic neo-psyc band The Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM) released their 14th album to date earlier in the year, titled Revelation. I’ve been letting it soak in since first listening to it in May, and it has only improved with time. The band, known for it’s mix between addled dazzling psychedelic drones that could only be described as if the Beatles fell into a pit with The Velvet Underground, Joy Division, King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix and Pulp with a couple of broken microphones. They may have stepped through some of the fuzz and up a notch with Revelation.


Starting off with an epic, optimistic, jam accompanied by trumpets and eager drums, the album shifts on through BJMs signature drone, fuzzy rolling soundscapes and experimental mixtures of cross cultural influences—krautrock, psychedelia, prog and folk. The music, often instrumental and lush, seems like it would be perfectly placed in a soundtrack for a journey, most of the tracks wouldn’t sound out of place in Top Gear; behind shots of cars chicaning round mountains.

I could compare some of the sounds to that of the bands Kasabian, The Coral and even The Talking Heads in some parts, particularly on the tracks “Duck and Cover” and “Food for Clouds. The album sounds as fresh and genuine as some of the alternative music coming out in the 90s, with the creativity of 60s psychedelic rock, without the pretentious hipster tones so many bands seem to bring with them when they are attempting to ‘indiefy’ their sound.

The album was so accessible that it went unquestioned when I decided to play it to the office I work in as an experiment to see how it would be taken (there’s usually a strange mix of pop music, Rage Against the Machine and BBC Radio 2 echoing around on the Sonos system). My revelation has been that Brian Jonestown Massacre may actually be improving as they go on, impressive seeing as they’ve been going since 1990, had trouble with the drugged up rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle as well as making it into the spotlight.

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MattThe Brian Jonestown Massacre – Revelation