F**ked up – Hidden World

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Canadian hardcore punk band Fucked Up seem to have forgotten to leave behind their sound in the 70s/80s (Canadians seem to be good at creating reminiscent music), and their début album is a belter.

At 72 minutes and 33 seconds Hidden World is an epic when it comes to hardcore punk, with tracks that span on average over 5 minutes each, but include a dynamic structure which enables a good degree of rich listenability which allows you to absorb the music without it pummeling you to death.

For a first album, the sound is of a strong footed and self-assured band, and although the name of the band seems a tad crass, their music certainly is not, and shows a melodic depth from a plethora of subtle instrumental flourishes, even strings at times.

A large amount of the music from the album—mainly the instrumental passages and intros—served as a backdrop on David Choe’s Vice ‘Documentary’ Thumbs Up which worked really well in evoking a renegade punk vibe, and was surprisingly effective as incidental music.

MattF**ked up – Hidden World