The Black Keys – Turn Blue

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Today the title track from The Black Key’s upcoming album Turn Blue was released, which followed their single Fever a few weeks back, of which I was somewhat unsure with initially with respect to the rest of the album.

However, this new and somewhat sinister track gives us a firm picture of the feel to the album to come, it carries a feeling of the calm before a storm, or that of an apocalyptic landscape. This sound emanates from from the sci-fi sounding oscillators and echos; along with this comes the 70s classic rock sounding piano and stringed backing which remind me somewhat of elements from The Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin” and Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine”

The bass tones from both tracks in the album so far create a lovely depth and analogue warmth to the soundscape, while synthesisers add some more stimulating elements to take in. Lyrically, both the tracks are weak, but I don’t care really as the sound makes up for it.

MattThe Black Keys – Turn Blue