Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi gallery is revered for its ability to introduce almost unknown artists into the public eye; the careers of Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin were launched from the exposure Saatchi gave them and the gallery boasts the largest private collection of artwork in the world.

Over the years the gallery has retained it’s success but has never gained a larger public audience, partly down to not having a consistent brand attached to it; a disjointed mix of different logos and related imagery from the various outlets (in-gallery, online and magazine) has diluted the potential of the Saatchi name.

Proposed logo

I carried the concept of the institution’s cutting-edge reputation into reality. The Saatchi gallery is known for it’s sometimes controversial art and confidence, which I hinted at in the logo by introducing sharp 45° angles which give a suggestion of brash menace.

Magazine article
Newspaper magazine

I wanted to re-imagine the brand to project a more modern image which could comfortably extend across digital and print platforms, from the responsive website to promotional items such as posters and banners, as well as magazines that I chose to be in the format of newspapers to reflect the cutting edge, newsworthy art being displayed within the gallery.

Newspaper magazine